Balaton Solar Boat Challenge

The Balaton Solar Boat Challenge will be held for the first time in Hungary in Balatonalmádi between 22-27 August 2023, and pre-registration is now open.

What is the Solar Boat Challenge:

Team competitions that aim to raise awareness of the potential use and development of renewable energy sources in boating.

The teams are made up of university students who compete in self-built, purely electric boats powered by solar panels and batteries. These competitions aim to promote the use of renewable energy sources, modern and quiet propulsion and energy monitoring systems.

The first race was held in the Netherlands in 2006. By 2022, similar events will have been organised in several countries, including Belgium, Germany, Italy and Monaco. One of Europe's most prestigious competitions is the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, organised by Solar Sport One.

It is worth mentioning that the racing boats are getting faster every year, which clearly shows that they are using more and more advanced technology. The maximum speed of the race was 15 km/h in 2006 and 50 km/h last year. Another noteworthy fact is that the number of participants is increasing, with an average field of nearly 20-25 teams.

The Balaton Solar Boat Challenge website has been launched, where participating teams can fill in the pre-registration form.

Pre-registration is important for the organisers to see the interest in participating. This will be followed by the final registration in February 2023. Teams interested in participating in the event, which will take place from 22-27 August 2023, are invited to fill in the pre-registration form. Thank you!

Pre-registration is for the organisers only, no payment is required.

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