Opening Ceremony

The Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme has reached an important milestone.

Imagine a huge street ball.

Now imagine it's twice as big as you've just imagined. A cultural giant. One that surpasses anything you've ever seen.

Got it? Could you imagine it? Have you got right inside the buzz as you stumble upon something unexpected and exciting round every street corner?

That's exactly what THE OPENING will be like.

On 21st January 2023 we will launch the ECoC year, when Veszprém will be the centre of attention for Europe. We are looking forward to a very complex programme, both in terms of genre and organisation, where you will gain a lot of knowledge and experience as a volunteer, get glimpses 'behind the scenes' and meet our international guests. It will be quite something for spectators, but how nice it would be to be able to tell that you were in the thick of the action!

Don't hesitate to apply! Be a Shiny volunteer!

Dates: 20-22 January 2023

Registration link

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